Thursday, May 18, 2017

General Knowledge slideshow on Australia!!

Hi this is my presentation about Australia.  My group was learning to share our learning to a wide audience and find information about the world around us. I think that I was successful because I can use map skills to find locations, I can scan texts for key information, I can read texts to make connections with different countries and cultures.I think I enjoyed finding new information about another country . I think that I should put more information and find more information.

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  1. Hi Yuktha
    I'm Mia from Panmure Bridge School.
    Your global study of Australia is interesting. I enjoyed learning new things about Australia such as the currency you have explained to us. You have a error in your work because I think that Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere. You have really explained a lot in your blurb which is great. Where did you get all you information from?

    But keep up the great work!
    - Mia (Be sure to leave a comment on my blog)
    Panmure Bridge School