Monday, June 26, 2017


On Friday the 16th of June, we got to make . . . Ice Cream. We got to make Ice Cream because all of  Te Ngahere finished their learning plans in 10 (Ten) minutes and we got 100%. First we had to do some reading tasks this is the WALT.  WALT use a range of strategies to answer comprehension question. We also had to do a recount for our writing about making Ice Cream my goal was to use  the right structure of a recount. My buddy was Taleisha. After we were done making the Ice Cream we got to . . . eat the Ice Cream it was so salty.

WALT  to use the right structure

Icey Ice cream (making Ice cream)

On Friday the 16th, Te Ngahere made Ice cream (Vanilla Ice cream). Te Ngahere made the Ice cream at school, because we all got our learning plans done and Mrs Pou and Whaea Chrissy said if we all finished our learning plans once in that week we got to make Ice cream. My buddy was Taleisha.

Firstly, we got two zip lock bags one small one and one BIG one.

Next,  I put cream and sugar in the small bag you could see the sugar sinking to the bottom of the small bag.

Later,we have to put vanilla essance in to make it Vanilla Ice Cream.

After, we had to get a big bag then we had to take it to Mrs Pou for she can put ice in the big bag then we put salt in, (SIX Tablespoons).

Moments later, we had to put the small bag in the big bag with the ice and the salt we had to make sure that the small bag was sealed so that the salt didn’t get into the ice cream because then your ice cream would turn into salt Ice cream.

Later, that we had to go outside to shake the bag with the ice cream in it so that it could get cold.

After, we went outside and shook the bag Taleisha and I took turns shaking the bag. (I shook the bag to hard and it opened and spilled everywhere.)

Then, when we got our Ice cream we had to cut a hole in the corner of the bag.

Lastly, after that everybody was eating their ice cream everybody loved the Ice Cream. The ice cream tasted just like Vanilla ice cream but the ice cream was really sweet and SALTY. (Because of the salt in the ice in the BIG bag.)

The Ice Cream was so fun to make. The Ice cream was kind of nice but not that much.

The End!!!!!!

(By Yuktha)

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