Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Day 3 Summer Learning Journey!!

Day 3
Activity 1: Would you like to be in a family of 9 siblins why or why not?

I would because then I would have lots of people to play with and I would never get lonely. I would feel Happy

Activity 2: Write your pepeha on your blog.

Well I don't think I have one I asked my mum and dad and they said no

Bonas Activity:  Write facts about 3 people in your family.

Mum: She is my mum and she is nice. 
Dad: He is my dad and he is nice too
Braneeshia: She is my Sister and she is nice Too
Every one is nice


  1. Hi Yo! It's Taleisha. I think the activity meant that you have write 3 facts about three individual people in your family like my mum is 28, she gave birth to 4 children and I was born when she was 14.

  2. Hi Yuktha,

    That is an awesome way of looking at the idea of having a big family. Some of the students that have done this activity said they wouldn't want more siblings because it would mean their house would be very loud and cramped, but I agree with you that it would mean you would never get lonely. :-)

    That's okay that you don't have a pepeha. Can you tell me a little bit about your family instead? Maybe your parents names and where they were born?

    For the bonus activity today Yuktha, because they are worth lots of points, we'd love for you to put in lots of effort into them so we can give you as many points as possible! Could you tell me a few more fun facts about your family? For example my Brother can juggle and broke his leg a few summers ago wake boarding at the beach. What does your sister like to do for fun?

    Nga mihi