Friday, December 22, 2017

Day 5 of the summer learning Journey!!

Day 5
Activity 1: 
1. Nau mai ki Aotearoa.
Translate: Welcome to New Zealand.
2. ____ is my name
Translate: ____ ko toku ingoa
3. What is your name?
Translate: He aha to ingoa?
4. He pai taku ki te takaro i te whutupaoro
Translate: I like to play rugby.
5. Where are you from?
Translate: Kei hea koe?

Activity 2
First  I would go to Waitangi Mueseum.
Second I would go to see the preformance.
And third I would go to the Mountain Bike Park.

Activity 3

How many of gold, silver and bronze have you won or each? 
Did you like doing it and Why? 
How old are you? 
Do you teach people? 

1 comment:

  1. Hi Yuktha,

    My name's Ruby and I'm one of the people who will be blogging with you this summer during the Summer Learning Journey. It looks like you have been doing very well with these activities. Good job!

    Activity 1: Great work! You have translated those sentences well. Could you choose something you like to do and translate that into a Maori sentence? It would be a great way to learn some more about you! I would say: I like to play the piano. In Maori this is: He pai taku ke te takaro i te piana.

    Activity 2: Those are some good ideas of what to do in Waitangi. Have you ever been before? I have been a few times and always enjoy looking at the museum and walking around. It's such a beautiful place and is surrounded by Aotearoa's history.

    Activity 3: Good questions! I would like to know how long he spends training each day. Do you play any sports? I don't play any but I enjoy watching my brother play soccer sometimes.

    I look forward to reading more of your blogs over the summer. Keep up the great work!