Thursday, December 28, 2017

Week 2 Day 3 of the Summer Learning Journey!!

Day 3: The Great Depression (The 1930s)

Activity 1
I like to listen to my favorite music and do coloring.

Activity 2
Walk dogs

Activity 3
I would bring them new stuff that we have. Like hover boards. PHONES, well I don't know if they have phones. Anyway I would also bring them little chocolates like JAFFA LUMPS and tell them that Donuld Trump is going to take over the world.


  1. Hi yo. I like listening to music to relax. I am listening to one of my favourite songs. I am listening to it because my brothers poured out all my pencils and pens out of my pencil case and wrote in my bullet journal. Talk about annoying! Haha! Donald Trump! Bye for now!

  2. Hi Yuktha,

    Ruby here from the Summer Learning Journey team! It's great to see that you've continued to work on these activities. Well done!

    Activity 1: Those sound like two great things to do when you're feeling stressed. I enjoy listening to music too but often I play the piano when I'm stressed and make my own music. Do you play any musical instruments?

    Activity 2: Those are great ways to raise money! I hadn't thought of these ideas so it's great to see that you're really thinking and using some originality! Good work.

    Activity 3: Those are good ideas. I'm sure they'd love jaffa lumps. Although I'm not so sure they'd love the news about Donald Trump!
    Phones were around in the 1930s but they were very different from the phones that we have today, so they would be equally amazed by them! Can you find a picture of what phones looked like in the 1930s and attach that to your blog?

    I look forward to reading more of your blog over the summer.