Monday, January 1, 2018

Week 3 Day 1 Summer Learning Journey!!

Week Three: The Post War(s) Era (1951-1999)

Cool Kiwi Fact #4: New Zealand is one of the few countries with two national anthems: “God Defend New Zealand,” which was adopted in 1977 serves as the co-national anthem alongside “God Save the Queen,” which is normally played only when a member of the royal family is present.

Day 1:
Activity 1

I would like the typical 1950s dinner because I love meat and veggies.

Activity 2

None are : (

Activity 3


  1. Hi Yo! I hope you had a great new years! I love veggies and meat too. Yum! Their is Lily and Lilli, Tia and Teah, Molly and Molly for the girls and Izaiah, Isaiah and Isaiah for the boys (I could only think of one popular name for the boys). I love your postcard it's very summery and beachy. Great job!

  2. Kia Ora Yuktha,

    I agree with you. Meat and three vege is a great dinner. When I was growing up that's what we ate most nights. What does a typical dinner at your house look like?
    That's okay! Most of the names on the list weren't popular at my school either. What names are popular at your school? Can you think of three girls names and three boys names?

    I love all the photos that you have used in your postcard! The all remind me of a Kiwi summer! I haven't really have a chance to go to the beach much this summer. Have you been to the beach much this summer?

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