Thursday, January 4, 2018

Week 3 Day 3 Summer Learning Journey!!

Day 3

Activity 1

Ray Columbus and the Invaders
Golden Harvest
New Zealand Underdogs

Activity 2

I like the skirts and dresses but i don't like the pants. 

Activity 3

Dear Mrs Lindsay,

I would really like it if we could learn more about social media sites and how to use them. It would mostly be aimed to the people who are leaving to high school and are probaly getting a phone just to teach them. So like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. To see what is good to post, what is bad to post and what trolls there might be in there network future.
Yours Sincerely,

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  1. Kia Ora Yuktha,

    It’s great to see that you have ranked the music videos. Do you have a reason Ray Columbus and the Invaders was your first pick? Well done on writing one thing you like and one thing you didn’t like about the 70s fashion. I would love to award you full points for this activity. For me to do this you need to write another reason you like it and another reason you don’t like it. Maybe think of the patterns that have been used?
    Learning about social media is such a good idea. I think if students learn how to use social media properly then there might be less bullying. It is very important to know what kind of information you should and shouldn’t share on social media and even just on the internet!

    Remember you can earn extra points from leaving quality comments on other Summer Learning Journey blogs! The programme officially finishes tomorrow night at midnight so you don’t have much time left!